Unlocking Your Teaching Superpower: Non-Verbal Classroom Management

Learn to craft your teaching presence and address the immense challenges of low-level behaviour through non-verbal communication and classroom management.


Doors open for enrolment: 1st October 2023
Masterclass: Sunday 22nd October 2023
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Are you a teacher who...

  • Is fed up losing precious teaching time on low-level behaviours?
  • Feels disempowered constantly waiting for attention?
  • Is sick of spending the lesson trying to put out ‘behaviour spot-fires’?
  • Is looking to strengthen their teaching presence?
  • Wants REAL support through actionable, practical strategies to transform the behaviour in the room?

    Then this masterclass is for you!

In this masterclass, you will learn to...

  • Bring a class back from chaos, put out spot fires, and set students off effectively on individual tasks, through 3 clear and easy to follow step by step roadmaps.

  • Approach and address challenging classroom behaviours through calm, effective, and strategic non-verbal strategies (no, I don't just mean visuals and hand gestures).

  • Significantly reduce low-level behaviours through clear and consistent non-verbal strategies, increasing the quality and amount of teaching time.

  • Craft and strengthen your teaching presence, to build your confidence and bring authentic change to your classroom management approach.

What's included

Everything you need to support real and lasting progress in your teaching practice


    "I highly recommend this course for both new and experienced teachers. I am in my 13th year of teaching and feel like challenging student behaviour will be why I leave the profession; this course is just what I needed to get back on track. I feel like I now have some new strategies to help me deal with low-level behaviour issues in my classroom, and I am hopeful that I can begin to enjoy teaching again in the future." Lisa Kemp


    "I have been teaching for 25 years and I loved and got a lot out of this class!! When I read the description of the class, “whack-a-mole low level behaviors” I knew this was the class for me. I took the class Sunday and put the ideas into practice on Monday! I SERIOUSLY had a completely different class when I used these techniques!! I highly recommend this course whether you are a first year teacher or a veteran looking for a refresher course!!" Gregg Watts


    "This is my 11th year of teaching and my class this year I have felt like I am drifting and an overworked firefighter because of all the spot fires. This course has helped to refocus my instruction, allow me to reflect on my own practices and my own levels of regulation and be reminded of simple, yet key tools that we can all use on a daily basis to help in the classroom." Meghan Salem


    "I have been a teacher for 20+ years but recently I started to feel like I just was losing my touch with my classroom management skills. So I took a chance and I took this course. I am SO GLAD I did!! The content helped me so much and today I came in with a different body posture and attitude. I waited for EVERYONE to be on task and I used proximity to diffuse problems!! I feel like a different person!!! THANK YOU, Claire!!! I loved it!!" Debbie Watts


    "The course is so clear and helpful and the supporting materials are amazing! I have been teaching for 18 years but signed up as I have been finding behaviour management harder since going part time. I am looking forward to teaching this week to start refining my non-verbal cues. Thank you! :-)" Lindsay Walton


    "I learned more from this course about classroom management than 4 years in college. Thanks again Claire." Cian Lehane

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Masterclass?

It is a POWER HOUR! No time wasting, just proper value-adding content plus all of the resources you need to make this a part of your everyday practice. (School-based training is 1.5 hours)

I am a primary teacher, is suitable for me?

This course is extremely beneficial for all teachers. It gives you a crucial grounding in incredibly adaptable and effecive non-verbal classroom management strategies for all educations.

I am still a teacher in training, would this still be beneficial?

Absolutely! Any teacher with any level of experience will find this incredibly useful.

I would love for this to be run with the staff at my school. Is this possible?

Yes!! I have dates available for November, December and the January inset days availble. Follow the 'Whole School CPD' link on the website. Get in touch for any other queries.

Is there ongoing support as I implement the strategies?

You will gain access to a private online community of fellow 'masterclassers' where you can chat, ask questions and continue to access support from me! Think of it as a big digital staffroom where no question is a dumb question and everybody is on the same page as you.

I am already in That'll Teach 'Em, will this be new information?

YES! I created this masterclass, and all future masterclasses, as something that can enrich and extend on what is taught in my full professional development program 'That'll Teach 'Em'! This is a deep dive into one aspect out of dozens and dozens in the course :)

I can't attend the live Masterclass, does that matter?

No absolutely not. It will be recorded and you can access that for 60 days after the Masterclass itself! I made it like this so teachers internationally can access this without any issues.

  • Please note

    Each school, individual and context is completely nuanced. As such, it is important you consult your school policies and leadership team where necessary. We take no responsibility for any decisions that are made in your practice. Just like any professional development, results are highly dependant upon the work you put into it. Therefore, we can not provide any assurance of the outcome for an individual teacher.