About 'The Unteachables'

Hi everybody and a big warm welcome to The Unteachables Academy!

My name is Claire, and I am an experienced Australian secondary English teacher and senior leader, specialising in supporting students with complex social, emotional and mental health needs. Over the past decade, I have worked in some of the most challenging learning environments across the United Kingdom and Australia, transforming incredibly volatile, chaotic and unproductive spaces, into places of safety, support and learning. 

Teacher training does not adequately prepare educators for the complexities of behaviour and classroom management, and my work is deeply rooted in my mission of providing teachers with the quality support, training and mentorship that is so desperately needed to create real and authentic change.

I started The Unteachables Academy to enable me to do this very work. To create empowered, happy and confident teachers, who create calm, happy and successful students.

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