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These training course packages are designed to be highly relevant and actionable for teachers and educational staff.

Each one strategically develops crucial knowledge and skills to empower staff to create transformative change in their classroom practice.

It is professional development that teachers want, need, and deserve.

Professional development courses currently on offer:

  • About the course:

    'Nuts and bolts' restorative training, practically supporting teachers to make real consequences and dialogue a powerful tool for authentic and lasting behaviour change.

  • Participants will learn about:

    • Extrinsic vs intrinsic consequences. What they are and the impact of each of them on the brain and behaviour of students.
    • The potential driving forces behind some common classroom behaviours we see.
    • The power of restorative practice in creating authentic change in the behaviour of their students, as well as fostering a positive climate of respect and learning in their classroom.
  • Participants will learn to:

    • Approach and address challenging classroom behaviours through strategies that de-escalate behaviour and support restoration and true transformation for the student.
    • Confidently engage in dialogue with students addressing their behaviour, and mediate transformative conflict resolutions.
    • Mitigate and deescalate classroom behaviour before it reaches the point of further intervention through proactive restorative classroom management strategies.
  • About the course:

    Through this training, teachers will learn how to address the immense challenges of low-level behaviour through calm non-verbal communication and classroom management.

  • Participants will learn about:

    • What is meant by non-verbal communication (it is so much more than hand signals and visuals!)
    • Co-regulation. What it is, what is happening in the brain of a student, and why it is a crucial classroom management strategy.
    • The power of our non-verbals. How they can be our biggest superpower in effective, calm and equitable classroom management.
  • Participants will learn to:

    • Approach and address challenging classroom behaviours through calm, effective, and strategic non-verbal strategies.
    • Significantly reduce low-level behaviours through clear and consistent non-verbal strategies, increasing the quality and amount of teaching time.
    • Bring a class back from chaos, put out spot fires, and set students off effectively on individual tasks, through 3 explicit step by step roadmaps.

Is this training suitable for your school?

  • You are looking for trauma-informed / restorative training that will actually equip your teachers with the actionable skills necessary to feel confident and empowered in their classrooms.

  • You are wanting to shift staff culture away from blame and helplessness, and towards support, understanding, accountability, and action.

  • You are looking for training that will have a direct and immediate positive impact on staff professional development, regardless of level of experience.

  • You want to equip your staff with pedagogical strategies to support them to thrive in addressing and resolving the day to day challenges of the classroom.

Details and pricing:

Real Consequences Real Change or Addressing Low-Level Behaviour through Non Verbal Classroom Management

Time: 1.5 hours

Includes: Live masterclass, student handbook, and resource packs

Cost: Virtual - £449

Max participants - 100 (if more, please contact to arrange)

Both training courses can be booked together and delivered on separate dates within the year for a lower combined cost of £799.

Smaller schools which would like to join up to lessen the cost may do so, at an additional fee. Use the contact form below or email for any enquiries.

Teacher feedback

  • "Outstanding masterclass" Real Consequences, Real Change

    "This course was fantastic and so informative. The Power Hour provided a really in-depth foundation to restorative practice and the resources provided with this were outstanding. Claire is a fantastic presenter and so passionate about what she does. I can't wait to continue developing my practice with more masterclasses." Leah Grantham

  • "Fantastic" Addressing Low-Level Behaviour through Non Verbal Classroom Management

    "I have been a teacher for 20+ years but recently I started to feel like I just was losing my touch with my classroom management skills. So I took a chance and I took this course. I am SO GLAD I did!! The content helped me so much and today I came in with a different body posture and attitude. I waited for EVERYONE to be on task and I used proximity to diffuse problems!! I feel like a different person!!! THANK YOU, Claire!!! I loved it!!" Debbie Watts

  • "A real gem" Real Consequences, Real Change

    "I cannot express in enough words how brilliant this is. Not only does Claire talk you through the strategies in her 'power hour' but the resources she has provided allow you to go deeper and really get to grips with this in your practice. I am just not very good at 'dealing' with behaviour in the more traditional sense. This however, I can already feel will make a huge difference to my classroom. Allowing students to grow and learn not just in my subject but about themselves as well. If you have to deal with conflict outside of the classroom, Claire gives scripts and strategies that work, if you have to deal with disruptive behaviour, again there are scripts and strategies. If you are new to teaching or even if you aren't, I cannot recommend this highly enough." Kathryn Faulkner

  • "Highly recommended!" Addressing Low-Level Behaviour through Non Verbal Classroom Management

    "I highly recommend this course for both new and experienced teachers. I am in my 13th year of teaching and feel like challenging student behaviour will be why I leave the profession; this course is just what I needed to get back on track. I feel like I now have some new strategies to help me deal with low-level behaviour issues in my classroom, and I am hopeful that I can begin to enjoy teaching again in the future." Lisa Kemp

  • "Quick, accessible, practical - brilliant!" Real Consequences, Real Change

    "For an hour-long session, I can't believe how many practical ideas this masterclass provided. It was really generous with ideas and absolutely flew by! I'm a career-changer about to begin teacher training and hoped the session would give me some top tips that even a novice, like me, could access but I didn't expect to come away with so many useful resources too. Your masterclass left me feeling even more excited to start my training. Thank you Claire!" Melanie Worgan

  • "Great class!!"

    "I have been teaching for 25 years and I loved and got a lot out of this class!! When I read the description of the class, “whack-a-mole low level behaviors” I knew this was the class for me. I took the class Sunday and put the ideas into practice on Monday! I SERIOUSLY had a completely different class when I used these techniques!! I highly recommend this course whether you are a first year teacher or a veteran looking for a refresher course!!" Gregg Watts

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